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Show Low Pines, Apache County, Nevada

The lots that you will see listed below are in Apache County, Nevada. The town of Show Low, which is in Navajo County, is approximately 30 minutes from where the lots are located. The town allegedly got its name from a card game, around 1872, whereby two men were playing a game called “Seven-up”, in which the low card produces the winning hand. The men were playing to see which one would leave, and which one would stay. The story goes on to say that one of the men told the other “if you can show low, you win. The other man threw down his cards, saying “Show Low it is.”
If you are looking for a secluded area, or a “prepper” lot, the forested White Mountains is a location for your consideration. These lots are at an elevation of approximately 6,500 feet above sea level, and most of these lots are 1.1 acres. The predominant person moving to this area will have water delivered to their home, they will install solar, and they will install a septic system. The land is zoned as agricultural, and just about any structure of any size is allowed to be on these lots.
The primary cellular provider in the area is Verizon, and the internet has many possibilities, especially with the rollout of Starlink. Should you purchase a lot from our site, you will be provided with a vendors list and a soils report as part of the deed documents.
If hunting, fishing, skiing, off-roading, hiking and nature exploration, cattle ranching and farming are what you are seeking, you are in the right place. The area receives snow in the winter, but it does not get deep drifts. There are 4 hospitals nearby, schools, a casino, and shopping within a 30-to-40-minute drive.
In some of the listings below, you will see the term “Cluster” in the description. These are lots that have a common boundary next to each other and are multi-acre/multi-property acquisitions that we offer so that your purchase has greater acreage.

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1.6 Acres of Raw Land
For Sale

1.6 Acres of Raw Land

Invest in this large lot of land filled with timber valued at over $250,000.

Cash Price: $4,999.00$6,999.00
Finance Terms: $199/mofor 60 Months
50 Acreage
Greenery Location